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McDowell History

Dr. Ephraim McDowell

In 1809, Dr. McDowell was called to Green County, Kentucky, to see a patient, Mrs. Jane Crawford. Mrs. Crawford thought she was expecting twins. Upon examination, Dr. McDowell realized she had an ovarian tumor. After consultation with Mrs. Crawford, Dr. McDowell…

Dr. Ephraim McDowell
Jane Todd Crawford

Jane Todd Crawford

In 1794, Jane married Thomas Crawford. In 1805, they moved with their four children to Kentucky. The Crawfords built a log cabin on the Blue Spring Branch of Caney Fork, nine miles south of Greensburg and sixty miles from Danville. They were living there in 1809…

The McDowell House

The McDowell House was built in three stages. The brick ell was constructed c. 1792-1795. Dr. McDowell purchased this property in late 1802. He had the front, clapboard portion added in 1803-1804. The small brick office to the left of the back porch was added in 1820…

McDowell House Render Drawing
McDowell House - Museum, Apothecary and Gardens - Danville, KY

The McDowell Family

Northern Ireland, or Ulster as it is called, has a unique bond with the United States. Many who came to be known as Scotch Irish in America came from this region. One of these people was Ephraim McDowell, great-grandfather of Dr. Ephraim McDowell. He was born in…

McDowell Statue

This bronze statue of Ephraim McDowell can be found in historic Statuary Hall in the United States Capital. Dr. McDowell was chosen, along with Henry Clay, to represent Kentucky by a commission of Kentuckians who consulted school children and teachers across the state…

Dr. Ephraim McDowell Statue